4.0-44 8 anni fa Fix crash in gc games in netplay.
4.0-43 8 anni fa [Android] Move EmulationActivity.java and NativeGLSurfaceView.java into a new sub-package called emulation. Now, all that's kept within the base package is the main class, the native calling class, et...
4.0-42 8 anni fa Reapply shuffle2's patch.
4.0-41 8 anni fa Don't call into wx in static initializers - crashes on Windows.
4.0-40 8 anni fa Upgrade WX to r74856, mainly to support @2x.
4.0-39 8 anni fa Automatically connect the appropriate wiimotes in netplay. Extensions must still be set manually.
4.0-38 8 anni fa [Android] Fix the ability to stop the game and start another.
4.0-37 8 anni fa Merge branch 'master' into android-core-control
4.0-32 8 anni fa Remove FifoQueue iterator and RemoveThreadsafeEvents.
4.0-31 8 anni fa Why do compilers assume i don't know order of opperations? :(
4.0-30 8 anni fa Fix the icon used for Dolphin on windows
4.0-29 8 anni fa operator= is a function too! std::forward is still appropriate.
4.0-28 8 anni fa [Android] Add a JP version of the string for FSAA. Also correct the English string too.
4.0-27 8 anni fa ogl: drop glsl120 support
4.0-26 8 anni fa Fix recording netplay with wiimote.
4.0-25 8 anni fa Fix crash when a player leaves in NetPlay.
4.0-24 8 anni fa When hosting, don't try to connect if listening failed.
4.0-23 8 anni fa Don't disable SO_REUSEADDR on non-Windows, where it is safe.
4.0-22 8 anni fa Fix FifoQueue's atomicity on ARM.
4.0-21 8 anni fa Make CoreTiming's threadsafe events lock-free.