3.5-1038 8 anni fa remove some ogl error
3.5-1037 8 anni fa fix software backend
3.5-1036 8 anni fa GLSL: don't apply unsupported msaa settings
3.5-1035 8 anni fa disable pinned memory for fglrx
3.5-1034 8 anni fa Windows - Don't disconnect real wiimotes on Dolphin close. (back to the old behavior) Fixed issue 6103.
3.5-1033 8 anni fa Fix some warnings.
3.5-1032 8 anni fa GLSL: fix transparency issues on dual source blend. fix issue 6104
3.5-1031 8 anni fa Ship by default a free DSP ROM that can handle most games with LLE
3.5-1030 8 anni fa GLSL: explicitly check for gl errors for pinned memory
3.5-1029 8 anni fa Check for HID wiimote name on Windows instead of assuming everything is a wiimote.
3.5-1026 8 anni fa GLSL: fix nfs-hp2
3.5-1025 8 anni fa Merge branch 'GLSL-master'
3.5-663 8 anni fa My OCD will not stand for this.
3.5-662 8 anni fa So much more readable now!
3.5-661 8 anni fa PixelShaderManager: Reload fog range adjustment shader constants upon viewport change.
3.5-660 8 anni fa Fix checks for preventing the main and render windows from spawning off screen.
3.5-659 8 anni fa Corrected a typo.
3.5-658 8 anni fa PixelShaderGen: Force depth textures to be emulated when the result is needed for fog calculation.
3.5-657 8 anni fa VideoSoftware: Do not clear the depth buffer on EFB copy clears when depth writing is disabled.
3.5-656 8 anni fa Beginning of VFP cleanup. Will finish when I have the hardware in front of me.