3.5-1128 8 anni, 1 mesi fa Initialize the audiocommon mixer on the first write to DSPCR, even if DSP is not enabled. Fixes issue 6192.
3.5-1127 8 anni, 1 mesi fa Implement AXWii commands 08/09, aka. "upload AUXA/AUXB and use it as a temp buffer to mix to MAIN L/R/S and AUXC L", aka. "what the fuck were they thinking?!"
3.5-1126 8 anni, 1 mesi fa Implemented command 03: ADD_SUB_TO_LR
3.5-1125 8 anni, 1 mesi fa Add implementation for command 02: SUB_TO_LR
3.5-1124 8 anni, 1 mesi fa Partial fix for the EA Wii games having no sound - implement the second OUTPUT command in AXWii. Sound in videos and musics still don't play.
3.5-1123 8 anni, 1 mesi fa Support the old AXWii version used in games like Wii Sports or Excite Truck
3.5-1122 8 anni, 1 mesi fa Basic framework to support the old AXWii version used in Wii Sports and Excite Truck
3.5-1121 8 anni, 1 mesi fa Disable the polyphase resampler - it causes audio glitches with non integer ratios
3.5-1120 8 anni, 1 mesi fa Fix the argument to the samples reading callback in voice processing - should fix issues with wiimote audio, untested
3.5-1119 8 anni, 1 mesi fa Support loading polyphase resampling coeffs from User and Sys in HLE
3.5-1118 8 anni, 1 mesi fa Add an option to run the AX processing on the CPU thread. Fixes timing issues causing audio glitches on Wii, and should improve the overall stability of AX HLE.
3.5-1117 8 anni, 1 mesi fa Add volume ramping for MAIN output, separate old volume values for each AUX channel and refactor
3.5-1116 8 anni, 1 mesi fa Fix AUX volume mixing in AXWii: implement volume ramping and MixAdd properly. Home menu sounds now work properly.
3.5-1115 8 anni, 1 mesi fa Fix audio glitching at the end of a voice because of bad non-looping sound handling in AXWii
3.5-1114 8 anni, 1 mesi fa OSX sucks at c++11
3.5-1113 8 anni, 1 mesi fa Add missing <functional> header include
3.5-1111 8 anni, 1 mesi fa Update the right cur_addr_frac after wiimote audio resampling
3.5-1110 8 anni, 1 mesi fa Merge branch 'master' into new-ax-hle
3.5-317 8 anni, 3 mesi fa Rewrite the linear interpolation SRC to give the exact same results as the one in AXWii
3.5-316 8 anni, 3 mesi fa Add polyphase resampling support in AX