3.5-116 9 anni fa This line in SWRenderer has been wrong ever since the beginning.
3.5-115 9 anni fa Disable the warning about va_list being mangled differently now.
3.5-114 9 anni fa Missed a precision qualifier in a HWRasterizer shader.
3.5-113 9 anni fa In memory of calc84.
3.5-112 9 anni fa always calls glBindBuffer(0) after disabling vao
3.5-111 9 anni fa Mismatched new/delete.
3.5-110 9 anni fa Toggle wiimote status based on the actual status, instead of some dumb checkbox that is almost never even right.
3.5-109 9 anni fa revert RasterFont optimization
3.5-108 9 anni fa Fix (dis)connecting wiimotes via hotkey.
3.5-107 9 anni fa Clean up some messy code issues that have been annoying me.
3.5-106 9 anni fa Don't show multiple exit confirmation dialogues.
3.5-105 9 anni fa Fix this annoying warning in ChunkFile.h
3.5-104 9 anni fa Always use the right user dir on windows.
3.5-103 9 anni fa fix byte order in osd rasterfont
3.5-102 9 anni fa Merge Fail: Make sure we are using the interface file to get backbuffer dimensions. GL helper function was duplicated.
3.5-80 9 anni fa When using the "Keep window on top option" make sure that the effect of that option ends when emulation ends when using render to main.
3.5-79 9 anni fa Define NvOptimusEnablement to tell the Nvidia driver we need high performance
3.5-78 9 anni fa Merge branch 'new-ax-hle'
3.5-33 9 anni fa Merge branch 'immediate-removal'
3.5-3 9 anni fa Don't show compress iso option for wbfs and ciso files.