3.5-2206 7 anni fa [Android] On-screen controls work for Software Renderer, but not the OpenGL ES 3 video backend yet. Enabled it for Software Rendering and disabled it for Open GL ES 3.
3.5-2205 7 anni fa A fix to my fix to my fix. Sorry.
3.5-2204 7 anni fa [Android] Disable most video preferences if Software Rendering is chosen. Since the software renderer and other renderers have little in common, it doesn't make sense to keep many of the video prefere...
3.5-2203 7 anni fa [Android] Add the option to show the on-screen FPS counter.
3.5-2202 7 anni fa [Android] Fix the game thread never leaving.
3.5-2199 7 anni fa NetPlay: bump proto
3.5-2198 7 anni fa Recvfrom tidy and store laste error.
3.5-2197 7 anni fa Fix sendto. This fixes Opera, sorry [SS]
3.5-2196 7 anni fa Fix setsockopt.
3.5-2194 7 anni fa Fix inability to boot NAND contents caused by 04c41c1d3826.
3.5-2193 7 anni fa Add a link to our documentations guides in Dolphin
3.5-2192 7 anni fa Fixes accept. Tested with network demo from devKitPPC :)
3.5-2191 7 anni fa Fix a trivial bug in b6728c1405d3a1a0ba3daa480f18e3d765a97b9f.
3.5-2190 7 anni fa Fix loading DLC using IOCTL_ES_OPENTITLECONTENT & /dev/es state save.
3.5-2189 7 anni fa Make NonCopyable use rvalue references.
3.5-2188 7 anni fa Fix sysmenu test connection bug on Windows.
3.5-2187 7 anni fa Indent the code in the previous bug fix I did. Now there aren't braces on the same level as each other. Should have initially done this along with that commit.
3.5-2186 7 anni fa Merge branch 'wiiSaveExportFixes'
3.5-2183 7 anni fa [ARM] Fastmem is back. Still disabled for Android.
3.5-2182 7 anni fa Revert "[ARM] Remove Fastmem. It is buggy and may never have the potential to work correctly."